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When I caught my fiancé and his coworker in a compromising position just a month before our wedding, I vowed to be done with love and swore off men all together. On an impulse, I ran back home to Glimerton, New Jersey to spend time with my sister, Lissa. Needing to get away from my everyday life and routine, I stayed and helped Lissa run her store. I knew I needed a distraction to keep me busy and not dwell on my devastating break up. I was expecting to hurt from the pain of my broken heart for a while in the hopes it would eventually heal with time. What I wasn’t expecting was to be swept off my feet from the very first moment I locked eyes with Zander Carter.

I spent my days saving people from brutal fires, coming to their rescue. The only time I wasn’t able to save someone, it sent me on a downward spiral. I fell into a black hole, leaving that painful memory of the merciless incident in the back of my mind and causing me to pull away from the force. Three years later, I’m back at the Glimerton Fire Department, committing my life to the rescue team once again. I was expecting to get back out there and save people from life-threatening emergencies. What I wasn’t expecting was to fall in love so suddenly, causing my plans and everything I knew to change the minute my eyes first locked with Serenity Darling.

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