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I was never a good child. My previous foster families – twelve, to be exact – said I was a menace. A terror. My teachers claim I am truly disturbed. My pediatricians said I suffered from an imbalance due to something my mother did during my gestation. My psychiatrists and counselors reported that I was a psychopath.
The last are the ones that got it right.
But you see, though I was probably born this way – my childhood is plenty of evidence to the affirmation of such a claim – I’ve changed over the years. I became obsessed with Xan when we were kids, the day she told my foster family that I would never hurt her. That she trusted me. Unwise of her, perhaps, for at that time, I was indifferent to her. Later I fell in love with her. Xan, Issy, and Wade. They were all mine. Issy and Wade had come around but Xan… she didn’t know.
It didn’t change the fact that she was mine. It simply meant that I needed to get rid of the obstacle in my way. The real thing you ought to know is that, right now, I’m on a mission to burn everyone who has ever wrecked our girl. I don’t mean that figuratively. I’m going to light their sorry asses on fire and watched them die slow, agonizing deaths. I’m going to let their screams heal the wounds they inflicted on Xan and satisfy my need to punish anyone who’s ever hurt my girl.
For her, we will burn them all.

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