Wrangling a Hot Summer Cowboy by Katie Lane (ePUB)

wrangling hot summer, katie lane

Wrangling a Hot Summer Cowboy (Holiday Ranch #4) by Katie Lane – Free eBooks Download


Things are heatin’ up in the Lone Star State . . .

When a dastardly villain takes the Holidays’ family ranch, no one in Wilder, Texas, suspects that sweet-as-apple-pie Belle Holiday is responsible for the villain’s vendetta. Belle is the soft-spoken sister, the one who looks to her assertive twin, Liberty, to make all her decisions. Except now Liberty is getting married and has left Belle without a leader . . . and stuck dealing with the man she’s done wrong. Belle had no plans to hurt the teenage boy who arrived at her front door with a wilted bouquet of wildflowers and his heart in his pretty blue eyes. But there’s no way to explain that to the brooding man who’s now set on making her family’s home his own—even if he doesn’t know one end of a steer from the other. Except it turns out that beneath the grumpy greenhorn is still the kind-hearted boy who will help Belle discover her own strength and make her burn brighter than the hot summer sun.

Corbin Whitlock has been harboring a grudge against Belle Holiday and her twin sister since high school and the night they pulled “the switch” on him. Now Corbin won’t rest until he’s made all the Holidays pay. Taking their ranch seems like fitting revenge—not to mention, he’s always wanted a place to call home. But since Corbin knows nothing about ranching, he has to rely on Belle and her family to teach him. And riding lessons from a sexy country gal who knows how to sit a saddle can make a man forget all about horses and start dreaming about another type of riding. Once in the arms of sweet Belle, vengeance will turn to something else—something that makes Corbin realize home isn’t a place on a map. It’s a place in the heart.

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