Wounded Wolf by Kayla Wolf (ePUB)

wounded wolf, kayla wolf

Wounded Wolf (Wolves of Sunny Rock #4) by Kayla Wolf – Free eBooks Download


I fell for him the minute he rescued me and offered me a room in his apartment.
But he doesn’t want a mate. He has too much rage inside of him.
And so he rejects me, again and again. Until I am not sure how much more I can take.
Until I want to run into the desert and follow the stars to anyplace but here.
The thing is, I have nowhere else to go. Where I come from, things are too dark.
And so I’m stranded here, in the home of my stoic, taciturn roommate.
Something makes me stay in this platonic relationship that is not going anywhere.
Because for the first time in my life, someone makes me feel safe.
Everyone around us thinks that we’re mates, because we live together.
But you can’t be mates when one of the two isn’t feeling it, right?
I know I should go, that I should accept the truth. Unless the impossible happens…
Unless he finally finds a way to accept fate.
That I’m his true mate.

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