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worth wait, roselyn samuels

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I locked eyes with him across the bar and something happen that I didn’t think was possible. He was my friends younger brother but I could feel a spark between us, an undeniable connection. Except it’s too little too late. I’m trapped, married to a cheating, lawyer husband who will take my kids in the blink of an eye. Five years later I’m divorced and Austin shows up on my doorstep. He’s out of college and a successful millionaire. He wants me, wants to be a father to my kids, but can my battered heart try again after the damage from my ex husband?

I fell in love with a woman in an instant, a woman I could never have. But I won’t let her cheating controlling husband hurt her. It takes me five years but I now have the power to go up against her husband and get her and the kids away from him. When I finally make it back to her she doesn’t need me to save her, she needs me to heal the damage her ex has done to her heart. I’m willing to break down every wall she has up to remind her of the connection we had five years ago. I’m going to show her we were worth the wait.

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