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Worth His Salt (Worth It #2) by Peter Styles – Free eBooks Download


“I’m doing just fine on my own. Love is for the weak.”

When Grayson Barker lost his leg during his last deployment with the Marines, he might as well have lost his life. He’s gone aimless and bitter, and even though he knows his friends and family are just trying to help, he’d much prefer it if everyone just left him alone to rot. Having PT isn’t going to help him get his life back – even if his therapist does funny things to his libido.

“I keep it casual. Not because I don’t love anyone, but because I do. And those you love always hurt you the most.”

Dylan Wexler doesn’t work with vets. He’d spent too long as a child dealing with his father’s PTSD that spiraled into abuse, and while he might be mended physically, the scars his father left behind still cut deeply every day. But having friends means making sacrifices, and when he’s talked into helping Grayson learn to walk with his prosthetic leg, he’s determined to his best work. Even if the man drives him to distraction.

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