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Woods (Aces Motorcycle Club #5) by Aimee-Louise Foster – Free eBooks Download


Lauren has lived with Mark ‘Woods’ Davies since the age of 14 after the death of their parents. Never did he dream of being responsible for something so precious at such a young age but Woods is determined to protect Lauren and keep her safe from everything. Concerned for Lauren’s wellbeing because of the way she’s distanced herself from the world, Woods calls upon the help of the females involved in the club to try and support Lauren and to get her to open up and enjoy herself.

Lauren reluctantly attends a club party and quickly feels uncomfortable regarding the attention she attracts but seeks solace in Ramsey’s company when Woods can’t be found. They instantly connect and Lauren finds that she can relax and be herself around Ramsey without being judged or pitied and for the first time in weeks she enjoys herself but their time together is cut short. Although Lauren would prefer to stay and continue her conversation with Ramsey, Brooke persuades Lauren to attend a friend’s party out of town. Lauren’s naivety puts her in danger and the horrific turn of events that follow create life changing consequences.

Woods secretly rekindles his relationship with Chloe as the pull between them is too strong but with the ever increasing club members awareness of their attraction towards each other, how long can it possibly stay a secret? If their relationship were to be revealed, would Duke appreciate the defiance shown by a club member and would Hound be able to cope with another family issue after the recent events involving Paige and Jayden?

When Lauren’s secret is publicly revealed, Woods automatically thinks that Ramsey is the perpetrator rather than her saviour and assaults him but Ramsey is prepared to fight for her honour. Woods blames himself for focussing his attention on Chloe and missing the tell tale signs that may have alerted him to Lauren’s heartache sooner. Will his relationship with Chloe be strong enough to withstand the pressure from the club and the internal struggle Woods has to deal with for blaming himself for Lauren’s situation?

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