Wolf’s Midlife Runaway Bride by Meg Ripley (ePUB)

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Wolf’s Midlife Runaway Bride (Shifter Nation: Marked Over Forty #7) by Meg Ripley – Free eBooks Download


As if being a 40-year-old runaway bride wasn’t bad enough,
I had to shift at the altar and become a runaway wolf.
My human fiancé may not be my fated mate,
But we share a child, so I thought I could make it work.
I never understood how a wealthy real estate mogul
Could be interested in a meager seamstress like me anyway,
But he was persistent on making me his bride.
Fast forward to today, I’m walking down the aisle.
I think I’m having wedding day jitters—
Until my wolf spots a security guard among the guests,
And immediately knows he’s mine.
When the officiant asks if anyone objects to our union,
My wolf refuses to go along with this charade any longer,
And I shift, right there at the altar, for everyone to see.
So much for keeping the shifter secret under wraps.
In a panic, I grab my little girl and head for the woods,
With the security guard right on my tail.
When his wolf tells me to take cover in his pack’s cabin,
I feel our unmistakable bond even more.
But he works for my fiancé, so can I trust this stranger?
After the stunt I just pulled, I don’t have a choice—
Especially when I discover my fiancé’s been hiding a secret of his own.

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