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Wolf Endangered (Willow’s Forbidden Pack #2) by Avery Song – Free eBooks Download


At long last, I’ve unlocked the shackles that held back my awakening. I should be celebrating, but it turns out I’ve only endangered myself and my forbidden fruit.
It’s the eve of the biggest business deal NYC has ever witnessed, and I, Willow De Luca, am kicking foreign ass with my new Christian Dior heels. Now that I’m a wolf shifter, I find myself in four new roles:
CEO. Wolf Alpha. Princess. Royal Mate.
I’m finally free to walk boldly as a woman in a man’s world, but I’m not giving up on my male persona just yet. My alias, William De Luca, has a new position in my company, and that involves sealing a contract my Papa Dearest can’t refuse.
With enemies around the globe recognizing my true identity and hidden past, I’m thrust into a world of power-hungry savages, but I’m not the slightest bit worried about what’s to come. We may become an endangered pack, but if I add Dimitris, Neo, Saint, Jayce, or Onyx into the equation, things will become delightfully bloody.
The stakes are high — just the way I like them — but as a part of the Forbidden, it’s time to show the world exactly how much of a De Luca I really am.

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