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wolf awakened, jj king

Wolf Awakened (Wolf Underground #2) by JJ King – Free eBooks Download


When I went undercover at the Royal Fang Casino to bring down the Sullivan family Kingpin, the last thing I expected was to run into the wolf who’d claimed my soul, then rejected me.
But fate has a funny way of bringing soul mates together sometimes and the doctor who saved me from being sold to the highest bidder turned out to be the son of the Kingpin I was trying to take down.
Turns out he rejected me to keep me safe, away from the darkness of the wolf underground.
Which would have worked, if I hadn’t been dead set on reigning justice with a touch of revenge down on the people who scarred me for life.
My plan would have worked, too… except I discovered a deadly secret while undercover.
The Sullivans aren’t the bad guys I thought them to be. If they go down, the real bad guys will be unleashed to reign hell down on the wolf underground.
It took me months to build a case against them and moments to realize how wrong I was about them. But the Wolf Special Services still see the Sullivans as the big bad and will stop at nothing to bring them, and me, down.
The precarious balance the Sullivans have been maintaining for years has just come crashing down.
We won’t let the law stand in the way of our mission. Too many lives are on the line. Either we win against the Antonovs or we all end up dead—either way, the ends justice the means and we’re willing to pay the price for justice.

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