Woken By The Highlander by Rebecca Preston (ePUB)

woken by highlander, rebecca preston

Woken By The Highlander (Highlander Forever #7) by Rebecca Preston – Free eBooks Download


When she’s brought back in time to 16th century Scotland, Julia unwittingly ends up at the center of a plot to start a war and becomes the focus of the attentions from both a fae and a handsome but brusque Galen Grant…
Wildlife photographer, animal lover, and amateur folklorist Julia is pulled back through time to ancient Scotland, much to her wonderment. A bit trusting and naïve, Julia immediately jumps to the defense of a Unseelie Sidhe who has an iron knife at its throat, angering the guard and drawing unwanted attention from the fae she rescued.
Night Guardsman Galen is furious when the beautiful time-lost redhead interrupts him, starting a contentious relationship between the two who are both kind-hearted and good people. Julia’s naivety and belief that there is a peaceful way to deal with the non-humans irritates Galen as much as his attraction to her.
But when a sinister plan to start a war between humans the supernatural beings of the Loch puts the time-lost woman at the center, Galen and Julie must face their feelings for each other and a mutual enemy if they have any hope of surviving.

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