With You In Wild Orchards by Rania Battany (ePUB)

with you, rania battany

With You In Wild Orchards by Rania Battany – Free eBooks Download


Twenty years ago, Luna’s aunt Juliette convinced Luna and her mother to write down their deepest secrets. She hid those secrets in a box. Then, in a pine forest far from home, Juliette buried what they wrote.
Luna never planned to go in search of that box. Whatever secrets her mother and aunt wrote that day, Luna had wanted to remain buried.
But when Juliette dies unexpectedly, Luna discovers her aunt was hiding more than the secret she buried twenty years earlier. Searching for answers, Luna returns to the small town Juliette had once loved; to the trees guarding their secrets.
There’s one problem.
The pine forest is on private land. That land belongs to the sexy-but-guarded Jamie.
The more Luna chases Juliette’s ghost, the more uncertain Jamie becomes of her intentions, but the more time they spend together, the more their chemistry builds.
It’s complicated. And scary.
Especially since the last thing Luna expected to find was love … or herself.

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