With the Duke’s Compliance by Wendy Soliman (ePUB)

duke's compliance, wendy soliman

With the Duke’s Compliance (Ducal Encounters #5) by Wendy Soliman – Free eBooks Download


Ariana Sanchez-Gomez sees her charge Josh, Lord Amos Sheridan’s son, off to preparatory school, at which point prevarication is no longer an option. Amos must either admit to his feelings for her or she will make good on her threat to leave the Duke of Winchester’s opulent estate and make a life for herself elsewhere.

Unable to bear the thought of losing Ariana but still haunted by his inability to save his wife Crista from an assassin’s bullet, Amos is petrified that history will repeat itself. He is devastated when news that the banished Lord Basingstoke plans to return to England and has Ariana in his sights, vindicating his fears. When Ariana is persuaded to place herself at the centre of a daring plot to draw Basingstoke out, Amos is convinced that he will lose her. He is being punished for failing Crista and is not entitled to a second shot at happiness.

Can Amos save the lady he adores from her own impetuosity? Can Ariana convince her damaged hero that there is no danger in his embracing love for a second time…

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