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…with a splash of Kay by Kelly Benoit – Free eBooks Download


Kay Mitchell finally did it—landed her dream job as a creative associate at LaToulle Relations! After spending a few postcollege years in New York City, Kay’s student loan anxiety and time bartending at Lola’s Bar and Lounge have finally paid off… or so she thought.
Two years into her role, she still hasn’t seen a pay bump or feels she fits in with the glitz and glamour of it all. Staving off impostor syndrome might be easier if she could stand up to her competitive counterpart, Natasha, or afford a more lavish lifestyle. It doesn’t help that dating New York City men is another roller coaster ride of its own.
At the same time, Kay’s best friend and Lola’s manager, Sisi, asks her to come back part-time. Strapped for cash, she says yes. Torn between her current reality and ambitious future, Kay’s world is turned upside down by a potential promotion, playing middle woman between combative friends, and discovering her romantic desires.
Just on the cusp of career success and the miracle of finding the right relationship, Kay is confronted with tempting hookups, deceitful frenemies, and the pressure to make her vision of success a reality.

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