With a Pinch of Love by Hayden Hall (ePUB)

with pinch of love, hayden hall

With a Pinch of Love by Hayden Hall – Free eBooks Download


There’s no one recipe for it, but every happy ending needs a pinch of love.

I have it all figured out. I’m going to marry the woman I love and I’m going to put in the work for that promotion. Life can only get better from here on out.
Or so I thought. My blushing bride elopes minutes before the ceremony and turns my life upside down. I’m now heading to Vermont with Marshmallow to seal the deal on his soon to be Bed and Breakfast.
After a series of unfortunate coincidences, Marshal and I are fake-dating, but my long repressed desire starts lurking from deep within.
Impossible. I’m not bi, right? I can’t discover that at twenty-nine, can I? It must be the breakup trauma; nothing more. It’s got nothing to do with my homophobic upbringing, surely.
But my broken heart flutters more every time I see him.

My best friend stole my first kiss and I’ve loved him ever since.
Dalton doesn’t know it, though. Nobody knows. It’s only written in dozens of unsent letters I can’t bring myself to destroy and finally move on.
I can’t stand pretending to be his boyfriend when pining after him is all I’ve ever known. And I can’t let us fool around even when he kisses me again. He’s heartbroken and lonely – that’s a far cry from being in love.
I will not be his rebound.
The charming small town of Rocky Springs quickly gets under our skin and it doesn’t take much to make me fantasize about our future here. Except it’s all fake. Dalton has a career to go back to once his heart is healed and I am building my future here.
We’re a lost cause.

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