Witch of Warwick by Heather Young-Nichols (ePUB)

witch warwick, heather young-nichols

Witch of Warwick (Dark Coven #1) by Heather Young-Nichols – Free eBooks Download


One witch. One very unsuspecting town.

I spent my childhood being bullied by the other children in town. They didn’t like me… they were afraid of me, I was told. Afraid of what? I’d asked but had never gotten an answer.
Then Grandma died and everything around me began to change. The trees withered and an almost deadly accident made me even more of an outcast. It wasn’t like an act of nature was my fault…

Babysitting Miranda on her new path isn’t exactly how I want to spend my time. But the council had deemed it necessary. I definitely didn’t expect to find a beautiful, lonely girl living in a house that appeared ready to collapse. This couldn’t be right. Reality didn’t mesh with the legend of her grandmother.
Then things became clear. Her grandmother had hidden everything from the powers Miranda possessed to the untold wealth she’d amassed. And now it fell on me to teach Miranda everything.

Vengeance might be too tempting as I try to lead her toward the light. Choices have to be made and time is working against her. Unless she can learn to control that, too.

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