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winter's kiss, michelle savage

Winter’s Kiss (Season’s Love) by Michelle Savage – Free eBooks Download


“Sometimes you have to risk it all to find everything.”

Natasha Saunders had never lived her life for herself. From what she studied in college to the men she dated, none of it had been what she picked. Often, she stood in the background, watched her friends live for themselves with all their dreams coming true. Love. Families. Experience life full of adventures while she remained frozen, a simple puppet moved by her parents and the man they picked for her to marry.
It was on her thirtieth birthday Natasha decided she needed to experience her own adventure. With a leap of faith, she started across country, until a blizzard and a wrong turn changed everything as she found herself lost just outside a small unknown Kentucky town when Rowland Quinn came to her rescue.
Mesmerized by her rescuer Natasha finds herself conflicted between returning to her old life or giving into her feelings with the mysterious man who stood in front. Will she be able to trust herself in making the right choice or will she ignore the signs all around her?

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