Winter Fae Queen by Lexi C. Foss (ePUB)

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Winter Fae Queen by Lexi C. Foss, J.R. Thorn – Free eBooks Download


The Royal Water Fae I’m in love with just hired me to be his intern.
Oh. My. Fae.
I only applied for the job because of a dare, and now I’m packing my bags for the North Pole.
No big deal. I can totally be professional. I haven’t seen him since the Academy anyway. Maybe he’s gotten fat from all the Winter Fae sweets?
Except, no. Kalt hasn’t gotten fat at all. He’s still perfectly chiseled and even more gorgeous than I remembered. And worse? He has two equally hot friends.
A royal elf named Lark.
And a sexy-as-sin selkie named Norden.
I am so screwed. And I mean that literally because the elf and the selkie seem to think I’m their mate. Only Kalt completely disagrees.
Oh, and not only am I dealing with these three hotties, but my water magic is also on the fritz. I accidentally stirred up a snowball fight in the middle of Santa’s workshop, then ice tinsel started shooting from my fingertips like confetti.
It’s a problem.
One I’m not sure how to solve.
So, yeah, wish me luck! And send warm vibes. I really need some help melting all this snow…

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