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Wind Weaver by Lia Patterson – Free eBooks Download


A mage without a Shadow is like a ship without sails.

Brought up at her uncle’s court as a dutiful Yavanah lady, Xanthe chafes at being expected to find fulfilment in managing the household down to the last amphora of wine. So when she meets her Shadow, the key to her full power as a wind mage, she is determined to grasp this opportunity to escape her restricted life.
A Khametish desert lord, Ashkar is torn between allowing such a troublesome passenger on his ship and having a mage to weave the Aglaia’s winds. However, he has a secret mission to fulfil and will do anything to reach his goal, even if it means having to put up with this far too opinionated and dangerously pretty Yavanah noblewoman.
Together, they embark on a journey that leads them into deadly storms and deadlier intrigues. But unless they overcome their differences and learn to trust each other, Xanthe will discover that finding her Shadow was easier than keeping him.

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