Win a Date with a Silver Fox by Kate Tilney (ePUB)

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Win a Date with a Silver Fox (The Curvy Girls’ Bachelor Auction #4) by Kate Tilney – Free eBooks Download


A curvy woman indulges in her fantasy of dating a silver fox when she wins a night with him at a charity bachelor auction that leads to more than either could have imagined . . .

I’ve been on so many bad dates, I could write a tell-all. And while my dating history might put some people off of romance forever, I haven’t given up on finding true love. The kind my parents had when my dad was still with us.
And I have big hopes for my date tonight. He’s already been vetted by the organizers of a charity bachelor’s auction, so I don’t have to worry he’s a creep. Plus, with his silver hair, broad shoulders, and piercing blue eyes, he’s like Anderson Cooper if he’d gone into firefighting instead of reporting.
I’m practically floating after we hit it off and have the best date ever. Does this mean my cursed dating history is over? Or will an unexpected revelation push us apart before we can get together?

The Curvy Girls’ Bachelor Auction is a standalone series of short instalove romances about curvy women who bid on hunky bachelors to raise money for a good cause but end up finding so much more. Read this story if you love swoony heroes, strong heroines, laugh-out-loud humor, and most importantly steamy true love. No cliffhangers. No cheating. Happily ever after guaranteed!

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