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willow, erin osborne

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Trinity ‘Willow’ Walsh
Everyone leaves. No one ever stays in my life except for one person; my Gram. Now, no one gets close to me. One night changes my life in ways I don’t see coming. Can I risk letting someone in again?
Timothy ‘Crave’ Bennett
Kings Vengeance MC is my life. I don’t want an ol’ lady or kids; never have. The only things I want are my club brothers and their families safe and to keep having fun with my best friend Breaker. One day is all it takes to make me start thinking differently. Will the bombshell dropped on me make me run as far away as I can get?
Zander ‘Breaker’ Williams
I met my best friend when I joined Kings Vengeance MC. We do everything together including women. The only thing we disagree on is settling down. I’m ready and he’s not. Crave wants to keep variety in his life and not let anyone else in. Can we all have what we want?
Will an outside threat take everything away?

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