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William (Archer’s Dynasty #4) by Kathi S. Barton – Free eBooks Download


Nothing was going right for Tally. Her brother was threatening to sell his kid off again if she didn’t pay up. She was afraid he’d do it this time, too, if she didn’t come up with the money. Now, the neighbors were fighting again. When the gun next door went off, Tally took a bullet.
William Archer was already in a bad mood. The woman had taken a bullet for him, then slammed the door in his face. He would help her, and that would be the end of it. The entire family had been trying to marry him off, and the last thing he wanted was a wife. He made no bones about it, either.
Tally didn’t like him much, either. And when he implied that the situation with her brother and her nephew was her fault and she should have done more, she knocked him on his butt.
Realizing too late that he might have been a little harsh, William scrambled to rectify the situation, but Tally wasn’t having any of it….

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