Wildfire by Ella Moore (ePUB)

wildfire, ella moore

Wildfire (Hellfire #1) by Ella Moore – Free eBooks Download


What do you do when your love kills?

Wielding her legendary power comes at a price Erisi isn’t willing to pay. Hell-bent on keeping her demonic side locked up, she fights for survival in human form. When Lucifer offers her a place by his side, safety is finally within her reach.
All she needs to do is conquer one demonic family. Killing their leader is easy enough, but staying in power? Unless she wants to keep hundreds of demons on a tight leash, she needs to work with the one demon who sways them all, second-in-command Torag.
This time, she can’t win through sheer power. If only she could get under his skin like the gorgeous male gets under hers. If only she truly understood the male who puts everything on the line for his family.
If only he didn’t make her wish he’d fight for her too.
When their family comes under siege, they need to pull together. But what if her demon is the only one who can keep them safe? What if her demon is the one who ends them all?

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