Wilde Brothers Ranch: Complete Series by Scarlett Grove (ePUB)

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Wilde Brothers Ranch: Complete Series by Scarlett Grove – Free eBooks Download


Take a ride with the wolves of Wilde Brothers Ranch as they romance their fated mates in this complete six book collection.

Elder Wolf –
Rancher Austin Wilde is the eldest wolf of the family pack. As Alpha, his brothers count on him to be the first to find his mate and start a family. But Austin is haunted by the memory of his childhood sweetheart who died long ago. He’s held a candle for her all these years, but for the sake of his family, he decides its time to let her go.
Cheyenne Bailey has worked for decades to climb the corporate ladder just to hit the glass ceiling. All Cheyenne has ever really wanted was a family of her own, but she’s never been able to get over the boy she’d loved since kindergarten.

Survival Wolf –
Shane Wilde loves the wilderness. If he had his way, he would live close to nature everyday of his life.
Montana Eaten has suffered more than anyone ever should. She’s been imprisoned by an evil hyena organization for ten years and barely escaped with her life. Now, living wild in wolf form, Montana has only one thought: run.

Pack Wolf –
Heath Wilde is a man committed to his family, his farm, and the service he gives to the world. There’s only one thing missing. He’s been waiting for his fated mate for as long as he can remember.
Rose Winter lost everything. Her husband, her job, her money, and her home. When a grandfather she never knew leaves her his goat dairy, all she can think is to sell it.

Twin Wolves –
Fox shifter River Radcliffe was trapped in a hyena compound until she was rescued a few years ago. After being returned to her grandparents, she finds a new life with her Border Collie Boo. Determined to move on, River signs up to intern at the Wilde Ranch in Colorado.
Wolf twins Cal and Cash Wilde are known as trouble makers. Stuck with babysitting the interns, they almost miss the notification telling them their mate has been found. When there is a strange glitch on the dating app, they have no idea who they’ve been matched with.

Rebel Wolf –
Lion shifter, Cassidy McCoy, escaped the feud between her family and the Wildes to study fashion in New York. But without the financing she needs to continue her education, she has no choice but to return home.
Gunner Wilde’s family has branded him a rebel. But when he finds his mate, that all changes. Cassidy is the best thing that ever happened to him, and he’d do anything to make her smile. Little does he know, she’s one of the lion shifters who’ve been at odds with his family for over a hundred years.

Lone Wolf –
Annie Wilson has always been a loner. So being the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding is a break from her usual routine.
When one of the other bride’s maids convinces her to sign up for a shifter dating app, she gets much more than she bargained for.
Dylan Wilde is the last of his brothers to find a mate. But with all his work in the warehouse, he doesn’t know if he’d even have time for one. When a chance encounter with the woman of his dreams comes out of nowhere, he thinks his life has finally begun.

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