Wild in the Woods by Liz Paffel (ePUB)

wild in woods, liz paffel

Wild in the Woods (Estes Park Shifters #4) by Liz Paffel – Free eBooks Download


She needs an enticing story to keep her job. He needs a fake girlfriend to get his family off his back.
Fox Mitchell has made a name for himself teaching high-octane survival classes to city slickers looking for adventure when he’s not busy as acting captain of the Estes Park Search and Rescue Squad. He’s happy being a loner, even if everyone around him is getting hitched.
Please. No one is going to domesticate and neuter him, thanks.
Especially not the irritating woman who tries to rope him into an interview for some magazine he’s never heard of. He’s about to send her packing when his family reminds him, he needs a date for a wedding and they’re not about to back off until he gets one.
Lulu Orlando has a lot to prove to her boss. As the only female reporter on staff for a prestigious men’s magazine, she uses a contact in Estes Park to find Fox Mitchell, the sought-after survival expert no one has been able to coax into an interview. Her ex is after her job, and if she doesn’t land this gig, she’s screwed.
She has no choice but to agree when Fox proposes a deal: be his fake girlfriend for a weekend and successfully complete his most challenging survival course, and she can have the interview.
Except nature is too messy. She hates dirt. And bugs. Camping means a five-start hotel with an infinity pool.
Ditching her designer heels for hiking boots, she doesn’t realize she’s trekking head-first into danger, and strength she didn’t know she had. Fox gets more than he bargains for but everything his inner grizzly bear craves, as he’s forced to let go of what he thought he wanted…
To save the one thing he can’t live without.

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