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wild hunt, michaela haze

Wild Hunt by Michaela Haze – Free eBooks Download


When death comes on the wings of a Crow, she never leaves empty-handed.

Aoife Kelly has always lived in the shadow of her twin brother’s magic.
Who could compete when your brother has been chosen by the Gods, after all?
They may be siblings, but Aoife’s twin is at the head of the Order, while Aoife is trapped in a life of drudgery amongst the other servants of the very same Order.
Samhain approaches and a strange prophecy claims that the Morrigan– goddess of Death, Darkness, and War–is due to arrive on the heels of this year’s Wild Hunt, desperate for a Fae vessel.
When the respective leaders of the Fae in the Human Realities come to celebrate the arrival of the goddess, Aoife finds herself in the path of four of the most powerful men in England.
Aoife has no idea why these dangerous and elusive Fae have started to pay attention to her, but she has a feeling that there is more than meets the eye.
How will Aoife handle her four new suitors? Especially when the Morrigan has set her sights on them for herself?

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