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Wild Card (The Trident Trilogy #3) by Donna Schwartze – Free eBooks Download


What happens if you find out the only thing you’re sure about is a lie?

Through the crazy twists and turns of her young life, Millie’s only been sure of one thing: her dad’s undying love for her. So, what happens when she finds out he might not really be her dad?

There’s another man who’s been controlling Millie’s destiny since before she was born—a man her mom married two days before she gave birth to Millie. Could this man be her biological father?

Once again, Millie must dive back into the fray to solve the last mystery of her complicated history. With Mason glued to her side, she’ll discover things she never wanted to know and walk headfirst into the most dangerous situation she’s faced yet.

Millie’s known from the beginning that finding out the truth could get her killed. This time she might be right.

Author’s Note: The first two books of The Trident Trilogy, Eight Years and The Only Reason, can be read as standalone novels, but for the third book, Wild Card, you probably need to read the first two books. All three books feature a steamy romance between a strong, independent woman and a possessive, but tender, alpha male. The first two books feature happily-ever-after endings, but with Wild Card, you’ll just have to read it to find out. Enjoy!

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