Wicked Ruthless by Lila Grey (ePUB)

wicked ruthless, lila grey

Wicked Ruthless (Elites of Edgewood Prep #1) by Lila Grey – Free eBooks Download


Kaiden: King of Edgewood Prep. Nobody dares to cross me with the darkness that consumes my soul. So when the pretty little Catherine O’Farrell walks into my kingdom and away from me, I’m more determined than ever to break her. My demons cheer for a new victim…but Catherine turns out to be anything but a victim. She can try all she wants to fight back, but she’ll soon learn there’s only one way to survive her senior year; bow to the king or die trying.

Catherine: Kaiden Monaghan has me locked in his sights. He may be king of Edgewood Prep, but his schoolboy antics don’t bother me. I’ve met the devil and have the scars to prove it. Determined to keep my dark secrets buried down deep, I keep my head down and try to get through the school days. But Kaiden has other plans and tries his hardest to break me. There’s just one thing he doesn’t know; you can’t break somebody who’s already broken.

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