Wicked Royals by Nora Cobb (ePUB)

wicked royals, nora cobb

Wicked Royals (Elites of Macedon High #1) by Nora Cobb – Free eBooks Download


I was broken, helpless, and they helped themselves to me.
I gave myself to the four kings of Macedon High in exchange for their protection.
The four of them always been snapping at my heels. Until my father was murdered, and I was left at their mercy:
Parker Somerville – the brutal monster who’ll force me to beg on my knees
Soren Pershing – the charmer who’ll shatter my heart with poisoned words.
Tomas D’Hautpoul – the untamed sadist who’ll smother and swallow my screams.
Lev Dvornikov – the brooding loner who’ll stand by and watch, until it’s his turn to hurt me.
I became the prize and object of their cruel game.
Together, they aimed to bend me to their will.
And if I refused to play… to break me.
But do you know what the horrible truth of it is?
The horrible truth is that I agreed to it.
I agreed to be at their beck and call. I agreed to endure whatever they’ll do to me.
Because in exchange for all the shame, humiliation, and pain.
In exchange for placing myself under their control…
They promise to keep me safe from someone far worse than they are.
The person who murdered my father.
The person who wants to do unspeakable things to me before I suffer the same fate.
I just hope I made the right choice:
To be dragged into bed with the monsters that I know.
Than to face the devil that I don’t.

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