Wicked Reign by Harper A. Brooks (ePUB)

wicked reign, harper a brooks

Wicked Reign (Kingdom of Monsters #3) by Harper A. Brooks – Free eBooks Download


The darkness is closing in…
And I’m the only one who can stop it.
They say I’m the key. The Chosen One.
They say I have the power needed to restore Prince Airic to the throne and save the Dark Castle.
If only I knew how to use it.
My monsters are helping me learn, but it’s their bodies that I crave the most. They are the spark that always sets me ablaze… and my magic too. I just need to figure out how to harness our bond and tap into the power within. Somehow.
But time isn’t on our side. There are enemies everywhere, danger lurking around every shadowed corner, and a bloody war looming on the horizon.
Controlling the chaotic magic inside me is the only way to take back the kingdom and free its people from Malachi’s wicked reign.
Otherwise, the darkness will devour everything.
And this world, along with the monsters I love, will be lost to me forever.

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