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why he craves, mary madison

Why He Craves (Why He #3) by Mary Madison – Free eBooks Download


The blood, the murder, the lies…
I escaped it all.
I built my life from the shadows of my mobster father.
And now… Everything is falling in on me.
Pulling yourself from a past as dark as my family’s isn’t easy.
But I did it.
I’m a lawyer, a good person, and I just want a normal life.
But when he comes back around, it’s hard to see through the heat and lust between us.
Desmond was the only thing that kept me sane all those years when my father’s criminal organizations were heavily flooding the scene.
He understood me. He understood that life. And he hated it as much as I did.
The difference is, I got out, and he was still being dragged behind.
I thought I was done with that life, but hearing Desmond’s voice, seeing those eyes and that smile, it brought me back to that closeness we used to have.
But just friends wasn’t in the cards. One hot night and my whole world is on fire.
Just like that, I’m drawn back in. But this time, not only my professional world is on the line, but my life as well.
Whoever is after Desmond and his family will kill anyone to get to them, and I’m no exception.
And romance? I can’t tell from one moment to the next whether Desmond’s feelings are the same as mine, or if that one night of lust was nothing more than passion.
Will I be able to pull myself out of this entangled world again? Or will this round be the end of me, the end of Desmond, and any hope for a love I thought was possible?

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