Who’s Getting Married? by Ann Roth (ePUB)

who's getting married, ann roth

Who’s Getting Married? (Port Simms #1) by Ann Roth – Free eBooks Download


Not What She Anticipated

Things heat up at the 709 retirement home when Violet Preston meets her Gran for dinner only to learn that Gran isn’t dining alone these days. Dinner comes with her boyfriend Malcom and his grandson Blake Wanamaker.
Malcom is good-looking and seems nice. Blake is pretty yummy himself, but he’s cocky and reminds her of a college crush that started sweet and ended badly. Definitely not her type. For his part, Blake’s interest in Violet goes only as far as drinks and dinner. Since his mom pulled away from him after his dad died years ago, he’s become good at not getting close to anyone.
It’s apparent that Gran and Grandpop are sharing more than dinner as they announce plans to marry in three weeks, exactly the amount of time they’ve known each other! Violet and Blake are appalled. It’s too soon, they’re both approaching eighty and there are assets to protect.
Dinner ends and Violet and Blake form an uneasy alliance to stop the nonsense. Before long an electric attraction that neither expected changes the way they see each other. He’s not who she thought. She’s easier to be around than he expected. But Violet’s feelings for Blake grow in ways that scare her, and Blake refuses to get too close.
Love takes a turn as Gran and Grandpop have an argument that could put an end to the wedding. Problem solved— right?
The love that brought them all together now threatens to push them apart. Will Gran and Grandpop resolve their misunderstandings? Can Blake change his mind and commit to Violet, and will she trust him enough to give her heart to him?

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