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Whispers of Christmas by Sandra R Neeley – Free eBooks Download


Brannaugh knew the moment Kamilah and Zahra were literally thrown into his arms by the Dark One, that Kamilah was his mate. With nowhere to properly house them, they end up in the extra room in Enthrall’s home. Every day at least twice a day, he takes a break from working on his home to pay Kamilah a visit. The only problem is that her aunt, Zahra, is determined to chaperone their every moment. The woman has even begun to steer Kamilah toward another male, who seems all too eager to be considered. Brannaugh better move fast, or he just might lose his mate to the machinations of her aunt.

Dima has taken every possible opportunity to end up at Enthrall’s home. The most perfect woman, the one he’d move heaven and earth to be with, is suddenly calling Enthrall’s home, hers. The only problem is that most of the time when he goes to visit, she’s not there. She’s out, with another male. And though that male was once a trusted friend, Dima has just about determined that he’s had enough.

While Brannaugh and Dima stumble through finding and claiming the woman they feel is right for them, Destroy has decided that he’s going to provide a Christmas celebration for all of Whispers to attend. Christmas trees are cut and delivered to each and every family. There’s not a single individual living in Whispers that is not included. It won’t be long before the spirit of Christmas surrounds and embraces all who live in this hidden paradise. But first they have to overcome all the misunderstandings and the problems that arise because of them.

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