Whispering Flame by Carrie Jo Thomas (ePUB)

whispering flame, carrie jo thomas

Whispering Flame (Whispering Mountain #1) by Carrie Jo Thomas – Free eBooks Download


Lou was having a really bad day. Her best friend stole her boyfriend. She was fired from her well-paying but boring job. Rent was due and her roommate was out of town with her latest gorgeous conquest. Then she found out her wonderful Grandma Gigi, who she hadn’t taken the time to go visit in more than three years, died.
When Grandma’s will stated Lou inherited a bakery in a little town called Whispering Mountain, she made the logical decision that suddenly being jobless, friendless and boyfriendless, now was a perfect time to take a break from her life.
She didn’t expect a town full of nice crazy people who claimed they could control the rain, grow absolutely anything, cause avalanches, and lightning strikes…
But when her cat started talking and she found a ghost following her, it was time to take a closer look at those claims.
Was there really magic in the town… or was it in her?

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