Whiskey Smash by Jen Talty (ePUB)

whiskey smash, jen talty

Whiskey Smash (It’s all in the Whiskey #7) by Jen Talty – Free eBooks Download


Two years ago, Hayden Fox wasn’t sure she would walk again, much ride a bucking bronco. Being on the backside of a horse was bittersweet and while being a cowgirl was all she’d ever dreamed of, it came at a price.
One she knew this time she might pay with her life. However, she didn’t know what else to do. Her uncle had paid all her bills. He’d made sure she was well-taken care of and he never let her forget he’d given up everything to ensure she had the best doctors and the best training money could buy.
For the last ten years, Sawyer Lawson has been making his way from one country bar stage to the next. All he cared about was plucking his guitar, keeping his head, and staying out of trouble.
Only trouble had a way of finding him and this time it came in the form of a sexy cowgirl who needs the same kind of help that once landed Sawyer behind bars.

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