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Whiskey (Dark Water #2) by J.L. Drake – Free eBooks Download


Major Ty Beckett
I was born for a life in the military. When gunfire and RPGs become a way of life, you know exactly what your purpose is. But it was all taken away. When I returned to US soil, I lost myself in hatred but was given a second chance to become something more. When I accepted a position as team leader at a safehouse in Montana, I had no idea what kind of fight I was in for or what kind of brotherhood I was about to join.
With the good comes the bad. I just didn’t think the two would tangle like they did.

Dr. Ivy Knight
Helping soldiers who suffered from PTSD was my area of expertise until a dangerous situation changed everything. For my safety, I agreed to be taken to an unknown location to work with a group of soldiers. But these men fight a whole different kind of war. With my own problems hot on my heels, I tried to focus on my new job, but that was harder than I ever imagined. I found myself in the arms of someone who lit a fire inside me like nobody ever had.
Maybe I need to take the risk and let the dice roll.

*May contain triggers, cliffhanger, intended for 18+.

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