Whip’s Breath by E.C. Land (ePUB)

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Whip’s Breath (Devils Riot MC: Originals #11) by E.C. Land – Free eBooks Download


One night. That was what we signed up for.


I had a great night of drinkin’ and went back to the hotel with a gorgeous woman. Prettier than anyone I’ve ever seen before. We had mind-blowing sex, and I mean mind blowing. So good I’ve had dreams about her ever since.

Hell, I told all my brother’s about the piece of ass I nailed at the concert and they told me I was a fool for lettin’ her get away. They were right. I was the world’s biggest idiot. I shouldn’t have ever let her walk outta that hotel room that mornin’ but I was asleep when she left.

I didn’t think I’d ever run into her, but I did in the most surprising of places. Only, when we found each other again everything clicked. Every memory came rushing back to the front of my mind.

This wasn’t just any woman. She was my wife. I married a woman when I was drunk, and from the look on her face, she must’ve remembered and that’s why she was nowhere to be found in the mornin’. My brother’s said lettin’ her go was a mistake, so I’ll make damn sure I don’t let it happen again.

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