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whip it up, cee bowerman

Whip It Up (The Donovans #6) by Cee Bowerman – Free eBooks Download


Ransome Donovan isn’t very good at communication. Or being around people. Or keeping his inner thoughts from coming right out of his mouth and starting a storm that his business partner has to step in and tame. Customer service isn’t his forte, so he’s content to stay in his kitchen creating gorgeous cakes and flaky pastries. Rather than try and be more sociable and find the right person to start a family with, he has decided to focus on growing his business and doing what he loves until one day, he’s swept up in a negotiation that could bring him a piece of equipment that would take his bakery from cozy to commercial.
For years, Celeste has settled on relationships with people who are content to let her bend over backwards for them while they do nothing in return. Her engagement to the seemingly perfect man is wonderful until she realizes that there’s a third partner in this relationship – his overbearing mother. Celeste’s every decision is critiqued until she barely recognizes herself anymore. She soon realizes that if she goes through with this wedding, she’ll lose what little of herself is left. Until one day, she breaks free and finds her white knight waiting to rescue her . . . again.
Can this beauty tame the beast? Possibly. Especially if he’s got carbs to offer and is more than willing to share them with her. Can the beast rein in his inner grouch to make this beautiful woman happy? Definitely, because he can’t imagine living a life without her in it.

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