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we left off, romeo alexander

Where We Left Off (Heroes of Fort Dale #5) by Romeo Alexander – Free eBooks Download


Well, I’m back in Port Dale for the summer, staying with Elliot and Clay. Not my original plan, but that got busted.
I never expected to run into him. He looked good, even better than before. Nate had been more than just my best friend, he was my ‘almost’ first boyfriend. Then he was suddenly removed from my life. I’d thought it was for good but then, as I’ve recently found out, plans change!
Now we’re both back in Port Dale. Can we pick up where we left off? Should we? Well, the answer to that was out of our hands when the trouble started.

My life has always been determined by my father. He made me leave Port Dale, he chose my college, and he brought me back when my grades dropped.
Then I ran into Tyler and, wow, he’s changed…for the better! Getting together again could be a blessing… or a curse if my father ever finds out. Can I keep Tyler a secret from him? Should I? Little did we know, trouble was waiting right around the corner, and it would put all our lives in danger.
Can Tyler and Nate rekindle their old flame, or will Nate’s father win again? Or is there something else in play, something much more deadly?

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