Where There’s Smoke… by Romeo Alexander (ePUB)

where there's smoke, romeo alexander

Where There’s Smoke… (Heroes of Port Dale #7) by Romeo Alexander – Free eBooks Download


Matt: I’m proud to be a Port Dale firefighter but it isn’t all excitement and sitting around eating homemade meals. It’s also dealing with your work “family” in ways you never expected. I love my real family, and I love my work “family”. Well, most of them. My “brothers” at the fire station are exactly what I need at work, but I wasn’t expecting to be asked out by my homophobic “brother’s” actual brother. I also wasn’t expecting how well it would work out or where it would lead us. I certainly didn’t expect we’d get caught.

Ethan: Tossed out by the Corps on medical grounds, I have no idea what to expect from civilian life. I’ve got my brother Keith, who’s been everything, brother, friend, parent. Yet when I stumble across his fellow firefighter, Matt, I find myself in a whole new world. Matt is sweet, kind, and forgiving, everything my brother is not, especially when it comes to being gay. Matt is hot. He’s everything I need, and I know I can’t hide my true self forever.

For Matt and Ethan there’s fiery instant attraction but can they get over family hurdles? When gay-hating Keith catches them kissing at work, sparks fly! Can the fire between them be rekindled or is it dead forever?

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