Where Revenge Takes You by Romilly King (ePUB)

where revenge takes you, romilly king

Where Revenge Takes You (Revenge #3) by Romilly King – Free eBooks Download


We were enemies and then lovers.
I hurt him and he comforted me.
(His comfort was sweet, but hurting him sometimes feels good)
We couldn’t have been more opposite, but they say opposites attract.
In our short time together we have pushed each other, pulled each other, fought and loved and lied to each other, and ourselves.
We still don’t know for sure what we are.
(He hasn’t said it, and I don’t blame him, but I have, and I meant it)
I kidnapped him. He ran away with me.
I left him. He was captured to bring me to my knees.
Now the end game is coming.
We go back to where all the stories begin, to the Middle East, to Ur and Dilmun, to the lands my father claims he came from, where it will be decided, will I live with Leo or will I die for him.
(I’m not a good man, beloved, but I know what I need to do and you will survive this, I swear. I may not, but that’s fine)

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