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Where I Belong (Carhart Brothers #2) by Parker Elliot – Free eBooks Download


Jackson Miller’s biggest fear is being washed up. When his record label has the gall to put him on tour as the opening act for the hottest up and coming star in country music, Chase Carhart, he almost tells them to screw it. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Jackson was the hottest thing to hit the scene. But after failing to put out an album in eight years, the label are threatening to drop him if he doesn’t play by their rules. The problem is Jackson can’t write a decent song for the life of him and he wonders if it’s time to finally accept defeat and give up on reviving his career.

Chase Carhart can’t believe he’ll be touring with the legendary Jackson Miller. The problem is, Jackson isn’t happy about it all, and he’s not afraid to let Chase know every chance he gets. But Chase has his bigger problems to worry about than keeping his opening act happy. Like dealing with paparazzi and everything he does being placed under a microscope. In order to protect his career, Chase agrees to hide his sexuality which means no more one night stands or casual hook ups. Or the possibility of something more. It’s strictly business from here on out, after all it has to be if he wants to chase his dream of being a star.

When Jackson and Chase spend more time together, they realize that they both share something in common. Something they’ve tried very hard to keep a secret. With them both in the same position professionally, it seems like the perfect opportunity for a secret arrangement. But keeping each other physically satisfied is only part of the deal, it’s what comes with being the only people that seem to understand each other that causes problems. But Jackson can’t stand Chase who threatens everything he’s worked hard for, right? And the threat that comes to both their careers if they’re outed is enough to keep them away from each other, isn’t it?

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