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when we meet again, jill steeples

When We Meet Again by Jill Steeples – Free eBooks Download


Alice Fletcher doesn’t like to take chances and she certainly doesn’t believe in fate. Three years after the end of her last long-term relationship, she’s in no hurry to risk another heartbreak.
But fate has other plans. One day, on her drive home, Alice comes across a man, dazed and lost, by the side of a wrecked car. And with no one else around, Alice goes to help.
TV star Jimmy Mack is riding the crest of the career wave one minute, and the next he’s staring at his crashed car. But when Alice comes to rescue him, things start to look up.
What Alice and Jimmy discover next changes everything. Fate might have marked them out for each other, but somehow their destinies have got tangled. Will they get their happily-ever-after, or might their time together be shorter than either of them would hope…
Join Jill Steeples for this truly ‘out of this world’ romance and a love story to remember. Perfect for fans of Jessica Redland, Cathy Bramley and Miranda Dickinson.

Please note that this book was previously published as Desperately Seeking Heaven.

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