When the Duke Found Love by Eleanor Keating (ePUB)

duke found love, eleanor keating

When the Duke Found Love (Earl Diaries #5) by Eleanor Keating – Free eBooks Download


Remaining poised and elegant, she drifted toward an uncertain future.

Lady Gemma Barrington despises the shallowness and lack of caring among her peers. She wishes only to be free and make her own choices, live her life in her way. Reality is harsh and does not allow for such childish dreams, though. Gemma has no choice but to marry the man her father has chosen for her. Greed, hidden agendas, and rumors threaten to crush her dreams of happiness and push her toward a loveless, stifling union with a man she detests.

Marcus Colborne left London years ago, swearing never to return after suffering heartache at the hands of a cold, dishonest woman. Upon the death of his cruel grandfather, Marcus must return for he is the heir to the dukedom. In an attempt to thrust one last indignation upon Marcus, the late duke set a stipulation into his will, and the new heir must take a wife within ninety days or lose the entirety of his inheritance. With his future hanging in the balance, Marcus must decide whether to forfeit everything or marry a woman he doesn’t love.

When Marcus and Gemma meet by accident, the attraction is instant and mutual. What happens when Marcus fears baring his heart again? And what will Gemma think when the ceaseless rumor mill churns out a distasteful detail about Marcus’s inheritance? Will they be able to come to an understanding in time to save Gemma from a terrible marriage?

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