When Love Comes Knocking by B.D. Storey (ePUB)

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When Love Comes Knocking (Bare Ridge, #1) by B.D. Storey – Free eBooks Download


Should a lost love be given a second chance?

Life was going pretty good for Jake Attwood. He was married to Julia Winston, his high school sweetheart. The family business, a boarding and horse rescue ranch, was successful and he got to work outside with the horses every day. On top of that, he had the most adorable niece in the world.
That all ended one Sunday when he came home to an empty house and his wife’s wedding rings on the table. No note, no phone call. Nothing to explain what happened. That’s the way the divorce went as well. He never got to talk to or see Julia again, never got a reason for the divorce.
Two years later, Jake finally felt like life was looking up again. He was dating, and even though there was still a hole in his heart from his failed marriage, all was going well in his universe.
Then the universe started throwing curve balls. First, it was the messy breakup with his unfaithful girlfriend when he found her with his barn manager. Then, a tragic accident took away his sister and her husband, leaving Jake to assume the role of guardian for his niece.
But Jake handled these new challenges in stride, never complaining, bolstered by the love of his mom, his friends, and his niece. He had come to realize that life was full of ups and downs, but you just couldn’t let it get you down.
So when the knock on the door came one night after dinner, Jake set his beer down and didn’t think twice about answering. When he opened the door, his world fell apart again, as standing on his front porch was his ex-wife.

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