When I Fall In Love by Cora Lee (ePUB)

when i fall in love, cora lee

When I Fall In Love (Maitland Maidens #5) by Cora Lee – Free eBooks Download


Childhood friends reunite in their mutual struggle against their financial burdens. What magic might they find together under the Harvest Moon?

Ever since Kit Mathison took control of the modest estate he inherited, he’s had nothing but setbacks. When the roof of his house caves in and makes the place unlivable, he’s frustrated but not surprised. How much will this disaster cost? Where will he stay while repairs are made?
Sylvie Devereaux has remained in her childhood home to help her aging grandparents with their farm, only to realize they need as much care as the crops and livestock. But while love and laughter are prominent in their home, money is not. And the never-ending rain is drowning their wheat along with any hope they have for financial recovery.
When Kit returns Sylvie’s wayward goose, they re-ignite the friendship they’d kindled as adolescents and put a plan into action to relieve each others’ burdens: Kit will board with the Devereaux family while his home is repaired, providing money and labor in exchange for their hospitality. But when Kit proposes a marriage of convenience to make the arrangement permanent, Sylvie balks. She has always wanted to marry for love, and they don’t love each other…do they?

This short (1-2 hour read) novel is a sweet, kisses-only/closed door Regency romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhangers, and is part of a series that can be read in any order.

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