When Bad Girls Need More by Emily Tilton (ePUB)

bad girls need more, emily tilton

When Bad Girls Need More (How Bad Girls Learn #4) by Emily Tilton – Free eBooks Download


When a girl at Jeannie’s school has been naughty, she is punished. If a girl has been very bad, she is sent to another facility to be corrected and trained for sale to a man who can handle her.

But Jeannie is in much more trouble than that.

When she puts her defiance on open display, the beautiful, sassy eighteen-year-old is stripped bare and thoroughly paddled like any other naughty girl, but when she is led before a judge still naked, blushing, and sore she is not sent off to a gentle daddy to be taught to be a good girl.

She is given to very, very rough daddy to be taught how bad girls like her are meant to used.

Publisher’s Note: When Bad Girls Need More is the fifth entry in the series The Institute: Bad Girls. The books of this series are stand-alone novels which share the same near-future setting as The Institute Series. When Bad Girls Need More includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t read this book.

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