What We See by Euryia Larsen (ePUB)

what we see, euryia larsen

What We See (Hope Club Boys #3) by Euryia Larsen – Free eBooks Download


Natalie Linds
Where I come from, everyone knows the Linds are bad news and their reputation is well earned. I refuse to be like them and find a way to escape. Building a new life for myself is my only goal and I never expected Devon when I dreamed of freedom. He sees me for who I am. When my past, my blood, shows up to drag me back, I’ll defend my new life and those I love with everything I have.

Devon Michaels
Art has been my solace and my salvation for as long as I can remember. I’ve finally turned it into a profitable business with my tattoo shop. It’s almost enough, but loneliness eats at me. When I meet Natalie, I’m finally seen, dark past and all. More than that, she understands because her past is shrouded in a darkness she fought to escape.
Our eyes are open to the future we can have and we stand together when her family tries to threaten it. I will use everything at my disposal to fight for what we have and our happiness because I knew hopelessness once and I won’t be lost to it again. Not when I can have her instead.

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