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what love, willow madison

What Love (Existential Angst #2) by Willow Madison – Free eBooks Download


It doesn’t help to face monsters. They catch up with you no matter what.
Bars and doors aren’t what hold me captive now. It’s the hope of something more that cages me still.
“Love is a choice, even under the worst circumstances.”
It’s as if the clock has rewound, and I’m back to being the sheltered girl he’d seen in a park. The two years with him are like the books on my shelf—as faded as an unread tale.
“I want your tears, Larissa.”
Though the players have changed, it’s still a game we play, neither of us aware of any rules, or who’s winning. He treats me the way a man does when he knows exactly what he wants. And he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it.
“Your heart never belonged in a cage.”
One word—free—eclipses everything. Nothing else matters. Turns out, though, just as many bad things happen in the light as in the dark.
What was once lost doesn’t have to be all that’s found…if I can survive.

Trigger Warning: Contains explicit scenes, deep dive into trauma bonding / Stockholm syndrome aftermath, referenced self-harming, blood, a twisted dark romance, a jealous / possessive / obsessive antihero, and gripping psychological suspense.

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