What Happens in Sorrento by Gilli Bradley (ePUB)

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What Happens in Sorrento (What Happens In #1) by Gilli Bradley – Free eBooks Download


Finding each other again was pure serendipity. Or maybe it was just fate teasing them with an impossible dream…

I never thought I’d see him again, but he’s here.
Our one-night stand was…everything. I wanted him more than my next breath.
I still do.
But this time, I know he’s the billionaire CEO of a luxury hotel chain. Completely out of my league.
And he has a girlfriend.
I didn’t expect my summer to begin like this. I can only hope it won’t end in heartbreak…

The woman who has haunted my dreams for years is here.
And now that I have this second chance, I fully intend to take it.
Not that it will be easy. I have a famous ex-girlfriend the world thinks I’m still with, an empire to run, and family obligations to uphold. Falling for Maddie could have devastating consequences.
But then again, so could losing her…

Will Maddie and Henry get a shot at happily ever after? Or will what happens in Sorrento, stay in Sorrento?

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